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Angle Elbow Adjustable Zinc Unger

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  • Squeegees, washers, etc. quickly attach to adapter

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Item #: 63-208  UPC : 761475619783  MPN : CJA00


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This is an obsolete Item

The Unger Cranked Joint Angle Adapter easily adjusts tools to clean at any angle up to 300 degrees. Squeegees, washers, etc. can quickly attach to the adapter with the use of the ErgoTec Locking Cone.

To install the Unger Cranked Joint Angle Adapter, first remove ErgoTec Locking Cone. The adapter will insert into end of pole and click into place with the two metal buttons. Then, the ErgoTec Locking cone secures to the open end of the angle adapter. Loosen the wingnut to adjust your angle, then tighten it back up.