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Blades Triumph Carbon 06 inch 0.20mm Thick (25 Pack)

Quick Overview

  • Triumph Carbon Steel Blades offer superior scraping strength with a quality long lasting blade.
  • Use this blade for scraping paint, plaster, tape and adhesives from glass, mirrors, granite and similar smooth surfaces.
  • This 0.20mm blade offer the durability the Tradesmen appreciate for those tough scraping jobs
  • The Plastic Safety Container offers a secure way to manage, dispense and secure the used blades
  • This very sharp carbon steel blade offer fast scraping with fewer blade changes on those tough projects

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Blades Triumph Carbon Steel 06in wide by 0.20mm Thick (25 pack)

Triumph offers Quality blades for scraping debris off of smooth hard surfaces. 0.20 mm thickness

These Long lasting blades in Carbon Steel offer strong capable scraping that last longer than SS blades, but they rust more easily. Carbon Steel offers a good combination of sharpness and longevity for large scraping  projects

Used for scraping paint, plaster, tape and adhesives from glass, mirrors, granite and steel surfaces.

Double edged blades offer you more scraping surfaces than ordinary scrapers.

Safety Storage Box

Keeps the Blades safe and secure in storage, avoid cuts and nicks by not having the blades stored loose in your tool pouch

Secure Used Blades

There is a slot and storage area in the Storage Box to store the used blades that allows the blades to be discarded in a safe manner