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  • Bracket Inline TDS Meter
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Bracket Inline TDS Meter

Quick Overview

  • Secures the SM-1 Inline TDS Meter in a protective bracket
  • Easy to use, form fit to cover all four sides of the meter, hole centers are in 3.750 inch for mounting
  • Hardware, screws, nuts, not included, mounting holes are 0.18 inch diameter

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Item #: 150-0190  UPC : 00669893056701  MPN : TDS-Bracket



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This is an obsolete Item

Bracket for the Inline TDS Meter 

Introducing the Bracket Inline TDS Meter, a protective accessory designed to secure the SM-1 Inline TDS Meter in place, ensuring its stability and protection within your water treatment system.

Crafted for ease of use, this bracket is form-fitted to cover all four sides of the meter, providing comprehensive protection. The mounting hole centers are strategically placed at 3.750 inches for convenient installation, allowing you to securely attach the bracket to your desired surface.

Please note that hardware such as screws and nuts are not included with the bracket. However, the mounting holes are sized at 0.18 inches in diameter, accommodating standard hardware readily available for purchase separately.

Effortlessly integrate your TDS Meter into your system by utilizing this bracket. Simply screw down the HM Digital SM-1 inline TDS meter onto the bracket, securing it firmly in place. With its robust construction and precise design, this bracket offers reliable support for your TDS Meter, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Upgrade your water treatment setup with the Bracket Inline TDS Meter today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your TDS Meter is securely mounted and protected.

Hardware, Screws, Nuts, etc not included