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Brush DT Euro Tucker 4 Pencil Jets 18in

Quick Overview

  • A Dual Trim Nylon bristle brush for the EURO Style Gooseneck
  • 4 Pencil Jets
  • TuckerĀ® XL size dual trim nylon brush w/4 pencil jets w/euro thread socket
  • 18inch brush

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Item #: 66-459  UPC : 00669893036611  MPN : 18DT-Euro-PP-XL



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This is an obsolete Item
The Tucker Dual Trim Nylon brush features premium nylon bristles and a dual trim design.This brush is extremely lightweight weighing in at only 11.7 ounces. This brush features 4 pencil jets plumbed to a centralized Tee fitting and a female euro socket making it compatible with nearly every pole on the market today. The addition of the 2nd pair of pencil jets allows for a faster more thorough rinse.