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  • Controller, Reel Rewinder Remote Link



Controller, Reel Rewinder Remote Link

Quick Overview

  • This Reel Rewinder (Power Controller) offers compete control with the added benefit of a long range remote fob over the operation of the reel
  • It operates on 12v DC typically from a battery power source and has a 35 amp capacity
  • Simple to instal it offers long service life and many safety and operator advantages
  • The flexible design allows the Reel Rewinder to be installed on a wide variety of 12v reels and offers precision control over the unwind and rewind speeds

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Controller, Reel Rewinder Remote Link

The Controller, Reel Rewinder Remote Link represents the pinnacle of Spring's controller technology, enhanced with the added convenience of long-range remote control capabilities. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this controller stands as a testament to reliability, providing seamless and dependable reel rewinding for even the most robust hoses.

Engineered to endure the demanding rigors of daily use by mobile professional contractors, this controller boasts a robust construction that ensures safe and reliable operation day in and day out. Backed by a generous 2-year warranty, users can trust in its performance and longevity.

Featuring adjustable resistance during hose unreeling, the controller prevents overruns that could potentially jam the reel, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operation. Furthermore, the adjustable rewind speed empowers users to set and limit the maximum speed, enhancing safety by mitigating the risks of hose whiplash, friction burns, or operator entanglement.

The object detection functionality is another standout feature, offering adjustability to detect instances where the hose encounters an obstacle or becomes entangled. This proactive detection capability prevents damage and ensures the seamless operation of the rewinding process.

Designed to manage 12v DC reels with a maximum current draw of 35 amps, this controller delivers versatility and compatibility with a wide range of equipment. Moreover, its simple installation process and waterproof design make it a hassle-free addition to any setup, providing peace of mind even in challenging environments.

This Reel Winder is built using Spring's most advanced controller technology with the added advantage of long range remote control. This reliable, high quality controller is a day in day out workhorse providing safe and reliable reel rewinding of the heaviest hoses. It is desiged to withstand the demanding hourly use of a mobile professional contrator and offers a 2 year warranty.

In summary, the Controller, Reel Rewinder Remote Link is the ultimate solution for professionals seeking precise control and reliable performance in their reel rewinding operations. With its advanced features, durable construction, and user-friendly design, it sets the standard for efficiency and safety in hose management applications.

Features includes:

  • Adjustable resistance when unreeeling the hose, this prevents overruns that can jam the reel when unwinding
  • Adustable rewind speed, with the ability to set and limit the maximum speed, offering enhanced safety from hose whiplash, friction burns or operator entanglement.
  • Object detection is adjustable and designed to detect when the hose has encountered an object and perhaps has become caught up on an obstacle or is dragging an object along with the hose being rewound.
  • Designed to manage 12v DC Reels up to a max 35 amps in current draw.
  • Simple to install and waterproof.

This controller is Spring's most advanced radio remote controller.
It will provide long range radio control of your system
without the need to return to your vehicle to adjust
your controller.  

  • Long range radio remote control
  • Rugged remote control fob offere years of service
  • Ready for demanding daily use
  • Control your reel speed accurately, dependably
  •  Range is approximately 900ft but can vary when there are obstacles in between the remote and the receiver 
  • Long Range Remote
  • Battery Connection
  • WFP Link
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