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  • Controller, Reel Rewinder



Controller, Reel Rewinder

Quick Overview

  • This Reel Rewinder (Power Controller) offers compete control over the operation of the reel
  • It operates on 12v DC typically from a battery power source and has a 35 amp capacity
  • Simple to instal it offers long service life and many safety and operator advantages
  • The flexible design allows the Reel Rewinder to be installed on a wide variety of 12v reels and offers precision control over the reel rewind speeds
  • The Snag Detection is adjustable to be able to set the tension where the reel stops winding in the hose because of a snag

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Item #: 150-5450  UPC : 00669893022225  MPN : V16 HC RW RG GEN + mount



 Available Early May
This is an obsolete Item

This Reel Winder is built using Spring's most advanced controller technology.

This reliable, high quality controller is a day in day out workhorse providing safe and reliable reel rewinding of the heaviest hoses.

It is desiged to withstand the demanding hourly use of a mobile professional contrator and offers a 2 year warranty.

Features include:

Adjustable resistance when unreeling the hose, this prevents overruns that can jam the reel when unwinding

Adustable rewind speed, with the ability to set and limit the maximum speed, 

offering enhanced safety from hose whiplash, friction burns or operator entanglement.

Object detection is adjustable and designed to detect when the hose has encountered an object and perhaps has become caught up on an obstacle or is dragging an object along with the hose being rewound.

Designed to manage 12v DC Reels up to a max 35 amps in current draw.

Simple to install and waterproof

Item #:150-5451
Regular Price: $486.40