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  • Deck & Wood Cleaner and Remover Powder 2LB DRP


Deck Restoration Plus
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Deck & Wood Cleaner and Remover Powder 2LB DRP

Quick Overview

  • This cleaner is used to Clean and prepare your Deck where this is an existing coating or stain on the wood surfaces for Painting, Brightening or Staining
  • This is a powder that is mixed into a solution to remove mold, mildew and lichens while restoring the natural color to your wood surface.
  • Easy to use and apply the mixed solution with a roller, brush, pump up sprayer or 12v powered sprayer.
  • Wood ages and cleans up differently for many sites, always test on an inconspicuous area and allow to dry to understand the results

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Cleaner & Remover is formulated to prep the more challenging surfaces for a professional cleaning and coating removal of wood surfaces.

A concentrated, biodegradable product for stripping clear, transparent, semi-transparent, and solid color stains from wood.

Treated Surfaces can include: Redwood, Cedar, Pressure Treated Wood, Oak, and Pine. Popular uses are for preparing Decks, Fencing, Lattice and Siding.

This formula is designed for those more challenging wood surfaces. DRP's Cleaner and Remover makes cleaning and removing coatings a one-step process.

  • Provides superior cleaning
  • Removes many coatings (weathered and transparent)
  • Safe and effective on all exterior wood decks, siding, lattice, fencing, and all other natural wood structures.
  • Safe on composite decking.
  • Environmentally safe
  • 100% biodegradable.

This is a Sodium Metasilicate based Cleaner and Remover and is the professionals choice for removing surface coating and cleaning the deck and other wood surfaces. 

Step 1: Cleaner and Remover - This Wood Cleaner and Coating Remover is designed to clean and prep new or grayed wood with a professional result. Mixed solution will remove mold and mildew to help restore your wood surfaces back to its natural color this 2lbs of Powder makes about 4 gallons of product and the 4 gallons of solution covers 400-500 Square Feet Per 2lb container

After Cleaning move on to :

Step 2: Brightener- This is applied to the wet wood surfaces after cleaning to brighten the wood for staining or sealing.

The Cleaner is a Sodium Percarbonate based Powder that makes 1 gallons of product per 8oz (1 cup) of powder.

Mix Rate: Use a cup (8oz) of the powder per gallon of water to create the cleaning solution.

Coverage: 150-200 Square Feet Per Gallon

Can be applied with roller, deck brush, pump up or 12v battery sprayer.


  1. Blend 1 cup (8oz) into each gallon of water in your bucket. Note: Use this solution within 6 hours of mixing.
  2. Apply Solution Liberally to the surface using a plastic pump up garden sprayer or brush.
  3. Allow Solution to Dwell for 8 to 10 minutes, keep the are moist, do not allow the cleaner to dry on the surface.
  4. Agitate with a stiff brush in the direction of the wood grain.
  5. Rinse with a garden hose nozzle.
  6. Allow surface to dry before applying a stain or sealer

Note: Brightener can be used while the surface is wet

Test Area:

Since there is a wide variation in the quality and variety of wood surfaces, test on an inconspicuous are and allow to dry before general use.


  • Do not mix or use with other cleaners or chemicals.
  • Do not use with metal containers of applicators.
  • Avoid contact with metal surfaces such as lawn furniture, garden lights, electrical outlets, etc

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