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Wood Restoration

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We provide different types Wood restoration products from brands like Deck restoration plus, Syntec, etc. these items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while restoration and prove to be useful.

All Wood Restoration Products

Deck & Wood Stain Medford Cedar DRP make exterior wood restoration a much easier job with penetrating water base stains that are environmentally friendly. Deck Restoration Plus Deck and Wood Stains have all of the great qualities oil base stains, but may be applied to wet, damp or dry wood. Whether you are restoring a deck, cedar siding, a log cabin, a fence, or any other exterior wood project. Deck Restoration Plus Stains are designed to produce professional results. Coverage: A 2 coat brush application. Coat 1 covers ~100-200 sqft a gallon. Coat 2 covers ~200-300 sqft a gallon. This may vary depending upon condition and type of wood.

Deck & Wood Brightener Powder 2LB DRP is safe and effective on all exterior wood decks, siding, lattice, fencing, furniture, and other wooden structures. It is used after Cleaning to Brighten the wood to a like new look. Its environmentally safe and 100% biodegradable. Apply immediately to wet wood surfaces and watch the grayed or weathered wood become like new again before your eyes! A unique professional formula is safe and effective on exterior wood decks, siding, lattice, fencing and all natural wood structures. Product can also be used on composite decking

Deck & Wood Stripper Plus 5 Gallon DRP is a Coating Remover and Sealer Stripper for multiple surfaces. Remove coatings from wood concrete brick plaster stone metal fiberglass. Coatings that can be removed: oil and water-based paints varnishes latex stains acrylics enamels lacquers polyurethanes. An excellent choice for horizontal surfaces, clings easily to vertical surfaces. It can be used on interior and exterior surfaces