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Floor Squeegee Wipe & Dry 18in Ettore

Quick Overview

  • 18in rubber foam blade, close cell foam. Fits most popular tapered handles.
  • Galvanized steel frame; Great for spreading coatings and sealers.
  • Dual moss rubber squeegees move fluid and dry it in the same motion; great for uneven surfaces, like tile, concrete, and even decks
  • Leaves floor surfaces virtually dry with one pass. Can be used to spread sealers and coatings
  • Compliments uneven surfaces like brick, tile, and grout

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Floor Squeegee Wipe & Dry 18in Ettore

The Ettore 18in Floor Squeegee Wipe & Dry is ideal for moving and spreading liquids. 

Nothing stops this floor squeegee wtih splash guard, not even brick or quarry tile. 

The 98% closed-cell moss rubber digs deep into grouting and irregular surfaces. 

So cost-effective you can afford to replace the whole unit, instead of just the blade. 

Black moss rubber. 

Handle not included.

The 98% closed-cell black moss rubber digs deep into grout and irregular surfaces. 

Polypropylene bristles allow dual brush and squeegee action. 

Great for food service jobs.