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Floor Squeegees

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We sell quality floor squeegees and squeegees with curved scraper edge which are perfect for liquid clean-ups on floor surfaces from top notch brands like Ettore, Unger, etc.

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Floor Squeegee

From a variety of floor squeegees below are some hand picked which you can consider to upgrade your cleaning arsenal.

Floor Squeegee Scraper Edge Curved from Ettore which has special curved ends keep liquids contained until removal. Also the squeegee is made of galvanized steel for durability. Galvanized Steel, Straight Scraping Edge For Removing Job Site Debris and Replaceable Neoprene Blade, Stands Up To Most Chemicals, Paints & Solvents.

Then we have Floor Squeegee Wipe & Dry from Ettore has rubber foam blade, close cell foam. Fits most popular tapered handles. Galvanized steel frame; Great for spreading coatings and sealers. Dual moss rubber squeegees move fluid and dry it in the same motion; great for uneven surfaces, like tile, concrete, and even decks. Leaves floor surfaces virtually dry with one pass and can be used to spread sealers and coatings.