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  • Gardiner Capsule Jets for  Brushes


Gardiner Pole Systems

Gardiner Capsule Jets for Brushes

Quick Overview

  • Jet Capsules allow for easy changing of Jets which is time saving
  • Jets use 1/4in Pushfit style connections
  • It is very easy to Twist in and out Jet changes
  • 5 Jet configurations offers versatility which helps perform variety of jobs
  • Easily Tailor your water delivery to your preference

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Item #: 158-42M

$14.55 - $15.45

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Jet Capsules for Gardiner Brushes

    Quick Release Jet Capsules
      • Capsules can be fitted, removed, and swapped over in seconds. Innovative & Unique Registered Design for unparalleled convenience. 

    Reliable Connection:

      • John Guest push-fit tube connections ensure a secure fit to our standard 1/4in (6mm) jet hose.
      • Flush fitting on the bristle face with a non-catch design for seamless operation.
      Lightweight Construction:
        • Only 0.08 Ounce (2grams) per jet, ensuring minimal impact on your cleaning experience.
      Color-Coded Versatility:
        • Easily identify the jets with color-coded capsules for quick jet selection when fitted to the brush.
        • Available in 5 Jet Versions: 1.4mm, 2mm & 3mm Pencil Jets, 50° & 100° Fanjet.
        • Choose the jet that suits your job without hassle.
            Easy Installation:
              • Can be fitted by hand, pliers, or using the Gardiner Widget 5 in 1 - Multi-Function Tool.
              • Low profile when fitted to the back of the brush, preventing accidental damage.
              Exclusive Compatibility:
                • Meant to be used on all Gardiner Jet Capsule molded brushes, ensuring optimal performance.

              5 Jet Types

                • Black - 2mm Pencil Jets - the standard jet for the majority of professional users
                • Red - 50° Fanjet - medium width fan spray pattern - offers a blend between pencil and fan jet on low flow rates
                • Grey - 100° Fanjet - wide fan spray pattern
                • Green - 3mm Pencil Jets - twice the standard flow rate - for those with high water flow needs
                • Blue - 1.4mm Pencil Jets - half flow rate jets - useful if using four jets on a wider 35cm/45cm brushes