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Glass De-Etcher Pt

Quick Overview

  • Polishing Compound designed to remove the Tin Etch Haze on glass caused by exposure or a cleaner with HF Acid ingredients
  • Use with a powered polisher to remove the haze, hand polishing will not clear the haze

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ABR® GLASS DE-ETCHER is a polishing compound that removes hydrofluoric acid burn stains from glass. 

Additionally, is removes hard water marks, stains caused by run-off from unsealed masonry, airborne pollution and acid rain haze that causes oxidation to glass.

ABR® GLASS DE-ETCHER Use Instructions: 

1. Apply ABR® Glass DeEtcher to glass using a dampened buffing pad on an electric buffer at 1500 to 1700 RPM in a circular motion


2. Continue buffing until ABR® Glass De-Etcher becomes dry and disappears. 

3) Re-dampen glass and/or buffing pad with water and polish. 

Repeat process if necessary.

NOTE: Do not attempt to do this process by hand. Proper results will not be obtained.

 *Key instruction to note is to keep it wet and use the polisher

Save yourself from costly insurance claims and keep the property manager/owner happy. 

Applies as a rubbing compound with a power buffer. 

One 16 ounce jar will cover 500-600 square feet. 

16 oz