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Gotcha Sprayer Replacement Lever

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Replacement Lever for the  Sprayer Pro adaptor....

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Item #: 55-108  UPC : 00669893032941  MPN : 4MRL



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This is an obsolete Item

To replace the lever simply rotate the lever 90 degrees upward.  You will have to spread the Sprayer Pro adaptor apart slightly to let the lever pad through the arms.


Once the lever is 90 degrees, gently pull the lever forward through the slots in the front of the arms.


Hold the new lever 90 degrees to the Sprayer Pro adaptor body.  Gently slide the new lever forward into the slots in the front of the arms and rotate the lever down into position.  The Sprayer Pro adaptor may need to be pulled slightly apart to allow the lever pad to snap trough the arms.