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Gutter Butter


Quick Overview

  • Bilateral nozzle design ensures gutter debris will fall away from the roof, not towards it
  • Nozzles are aligned parallel to the gutter
  • Standard 4 gallon / minute nozzle
  • Larger nozzles available

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Item #: 74-1260  UPC : 669893923645



 Available Early December
This is an obsolete Item


The Gutter Ball offers easy pressure cleaning of ithe interior gutter.

The patented, bilateral nozzle design assures that the debris will break free and be launched out of the gutter onto the ground not on the roof. The nozzles oppose each other to allow easy control of the gutter ball.

Commonly used with the Pressure Washer Extension Wand, the wand has a small angle on the quick connect extension which complememnts the 45 degree angle connector on the Gutter Ball.

Two opposing nozzles evenly matched assures the recoil from one nozzle is offset by the other. 

The nozzles are focused linear, i.e. directly in the trough of the gutter, not coming in from the top.

It comes standard with a 4 gallon per minute nozzle. 

5 and 6 gallon per minute nozzles available upon request.

Item Code:74-1260
CATEGORIES:Gutter Cleaning Tools