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Extension Pole Wand with Trigger 8ft to 24ft 200deg 3500psi

Quick Overview

  • Extension Pole with Trigger for Pressure Washing, extend your reach when cleaning
  • Attach to the end of your pressure washing hose and place the correct tip on the end of the M22 connector or 1/4in Quick Connector adaptor at the tip
  • Can be used to attache a M22 Style Water Powered Brush system

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Item #: 74-5372  UPC : 669893940888  MPN : DLTG24



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This is an obsolete Item

High quality telescoping wand reaches up to 24 ft. Lightweight and balanced under pressure.

  • 3,500 psi
  • 200°F
  • 8 to 24 ft. wand
Many times there are some areas in when cleaning that you can’t reach. 

They Wall is too tall or some siding is hidden behind a chimney.

Whatever the reason reaching every area with a simple pressure washer wand is not aloway easy or possible

In some cases, you might use a ladder, but that which could become dangerous.

Extension wands often eliminate the need for a ladder, 

They are attached to the pressure washer hose and help you reach many more areas that you want toclean. 

Stay on the ground while cleaning and take less time to clean those annoying spots.

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