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High Access Dusting Kit Unger

Quick Overview

  • Tool kit is compatible with Ungers optilock poles
  • Attachment provided to use Gen 1 or Gen 2 nLITE Poles

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High Access Dusting Kit Unger

Unger has all the tools for safely dusting high access areas.

  • Tools included in kit are designed to work with Unger’s OptiLoc™ Poles, Gen 1 nLite Poles and Gen 2 nLITE Poles
  • Kit will include attachment to use with Gen 1 or Gen 2 nLITE Poles

CobWeb Duster Brush

  • Split-tipped soft poly fibers allow for effective dusting without scratching
  • Great for dusting ceilings, moldings, and corners inside or outdoors
  • Electrostatic energy attracts and holds dust, dirt, and cobwebs

StarDuster® Pipe Brush

  • Bendable 11? curved brush for cleaning pipes and other round surfaces
  • Made with heavy-duty wire and polypropylene bristles

StarDuster® Wall Brush

  • Oval shape wall brush for ceiling fans, walls and ceilings

  • Made of heavy-duty galvanized wire and 49% horsehair bristles
  • Ideal for dusting rough surfaces, removing cobwebs and dust from flat objects

StarDuster® Pro Ceiling Fan Duster

  • Thick, soft microfiber strands cleans all shapes and sizes of ceiling fan blades
  • Microfiber sleeve is removable and machine washable
  • Wash Cycles: 300

StarDuster® ProFlex

  • Clean hard-to-reach areas!
  • Great for cleaning overhead, underneath furniture, appliances, and around corners
  • Comes with 3 electrostatic disposable sleeves

nLITE® Classic Tool Adapter

Thread adapter for attaching tools on the new nLITE telescopic poles

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