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  • Hydro Tube - IPC Eagle



Hydro Tube - IPC Eagle

Quick Overview

  • Lightweight 28 lb. Portable RO/DI Cart with 40” RO Membrane.
  • Easily transported in and out of vehicles, rolls effortlessly on sidewalks, grass, and up and down stairs.
  • Cleans up to 3 stories without a pump at 60 psi.
  • Easy change filters require no tools.
  • Operates lying down.

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Item #: 142-120  UPC : 669893913790  MPN : Hydrotube
This is an obsolete Item

Tap water pressure powered Hydro Tube 4 stage reverse osmosis deionizing water system, 50' hose, on-board TDS meter, and filter set.

Your water source should have a water pressure rating of at least 60 to 65 psi to power the HydroTube. 

If you experience low pressure, IPC Eagle offers the Eco Boost Pump.

The HydroTube comes with a high TDS indicator meter

(Green is good to clean, Red replace the filters)

We recommend that it's useful to have a handheld TDS meter to monitor output water quality

A good unit is JRC Item 150-0201