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IPC Eagle

HydroCart Compact Eagle

Quick Overview

  • The Hydrocart family of water purification systems are recognized worldwide for thier design and quality
  • The Hydrocart Compact is a great purification system for a single operator with a Water Fed pole to about 4 stories on tap water pressure
  • The system creates 0 tds Puer Water for all of your cleaning needs, easy to use this system offers the operator one of the quickest setup times in the industry
  • Industry Standard replacement cartridges and refillable resing capability offers a low operating cost
  • The Hydrocart Compact includes 50 feet of supply line to your waterfed pole.

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 Available to Special Order, Estimated: Mid June
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HydroCart Compact IPC Eagle

The Hydrocart Compact offers IPC Eagle's known product quality and exclenet service life along with an easy to use compact format.

Consisting of a Carbon/Sediment Filter a 40in RO Membrane and a DI Resing Filte for polishing the cart offers a single operator an easy to use and setup pure water system 

Carbon Sediment Filter

The 5 micron carbon/sediment filter cartridge is the first filter the feed water goes through. Install it in the housing on the right side, next to the water supply hose inlet fitting.

Change every 5000 gallons of feed water run through the machine, or roughly 30 hours. It is recommended to replace the carbon filter when the DI resin cartridge is replaced to assure protection of the RO membrane.

RO Membrane

The 40 inch long by 4in diameter RO Membrane is the workhorse of the system eliminating ~95% of the calcium, magnesium and other contaminants in the water to send this cleaner water on to the DI Resin filter for final polishing.

The RO Membrane diverts the dirter water out a bypass hose, direct this water into the foliage or planer boxes, do not allow the bypass to run down the gutter. 

DI Resin Filter

DI Resin offers the final polishing where whatever contaminants are left in the water stream after RO Membrane processing are polished off by the resin down to Zero TDS. 

Measure the TDS output after you start the system up each time, (at least once a day). When you notice the TDS measurement rises to 10 or so on the meter it is time to replace the DI Resin. 

The DI Resin replacement can be done by inserting a fresh cartridge, or emptying the cartridge and discarding the resin in the trash then refilling the cartridge from a bulk resin supply. Reseal the Bulk DI Resin Bag as the resin will go stale (like bread does) if exposed to the air.

The system comes with a TDS meter to perform this test and 50 feet of connection hose to the cleaning pole and brush. 

Some Assembly Required

This ships in a box for less money than an assembled unit would cost and requires some easy assembly when received.

Please refer to the assembly video, above  in the video section for assembly instructions.

A quick overview follows:

Wheel and Axle installation

Use a rubber hammer to pound on the Push Nuts onto the axle as described in the video

Attach the Filter and Handle components

Using a set of 1/2in wrenches and provided hardware

Insert Supply tubes into fittings

Use your hands to insert the tubing nto the appropriate fittings, smaller tube on DI Filter connections, longer tube on Carbon to RO Membrane

Install the Carbon Filter and DI Resin Cartridge into thier housings
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