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Lanyard Retractable Poly Web 20ft Kong

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Lanyard Retractable Poly Web 20ft Kong...

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Lanyard Retractable Poly Web 20ft Kong

Kong Retractable Fall Arrester - Webbing 20 feet ling (6 Meters) is used in work activities where there is a risk of fall. Made from polyester, the retractable fall arrester is hard-wearing and sturdy.

Offers an automatic recall functionality that works both horizontally and vertically, this fall arrester comes with a rotating anchor point at the top.

This Fall Arrester features a polyester ring with 1in (25MM) Web and a 20ft (6 Meter) length. The energy absorber is protected by a plastic covering

CE EN 360 certified with a twist-Lock connector integrated with anti-twisting swivel for reliable and safe performance.

Recommended for:

Professional Work Activities: Scaffolding, Metal Structures, Rope Access, Confined Spaces, Portable Stairs and Elevating Platforms, Roof and Inclined Planes


Retractable fall arrester

Automatic recall for both horizontal and vertical use.

Polyester material width 1in, length 20ft.

Shock Absorbing with a protective covering that can be opened for inspections.

Anchor point rotates at the top.

Twist-Lock connector equipped with anti-twisting swivel.

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