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With brands like DBI/Sala, Descent control, Gemtor, J.Racenstein, Kong Safety equipment, Petzl, Madaco Safety Products, Miller, etc. you can choose from a wide variety of Lanyards product line and order them.

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Providing our clients with variety of product line for them to choose the right pick for their requirement at the same time not compromising the the quality is our sole purpose.

We offer different types of lanyards ones that meet OSHA and ANSI standards. OSHA mandates that the fall arrest forces on a worker not exceed 1,800 lbs. when wearing a full-body harness.

Some with Built-in Energy Absorbing feature and two forged double locking snap hooks.

We offer some that absorbs energy in case of a fall by tearing specific stitching. Comes with two CAPTIV positioning bars that favor loading of carabiners along the major axis and keep them integrated with the lanyard and allows the rope to be kept at a distance to protect it during certain work phases

While some of the lanyards we provide high quality, completely developed and produced in Italy. Tested piece by piece and it automatically clamps when coming into contact with the anchor point. The insertion is extraordinarily quick and safe, even in “distant” anchor points, not easily reached with standard connectors.

Some of the lanyards have CE EN 360 certified with a twist-Lock connector integrated with anti-twisting swivel for reliable and safe performance. They come with retractable fall arrester, automatic recall for both horizontal and vertical use.

You can use these lanyards for professional work activities for Scaffolding, Metal Structures, Rope Access, Confined Spaces, Portable Stairs and Elevating Platforms, Roof and Inclined Planes.