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Microswipe Ceiling Fan Duster

Quick Overview

  • Contour shape to fit standard ceiling fan blades with super soft microfiber bristles for easier removable of dust or lint
  • Ergonomic Handle and machine washable removable sleeve which makes it easier to maintain
  • Click-lock feature securely attaches to REA-C-H extension pole (extension pole NOT included)
  • Lint free microfiber material; use regularly to prevent dust build up

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MicroSwipe Ceiling Fan Duster

Designed to Click-Lock onto Ettore extension pole, just lock into place so you don't have to worry about duster falling off while cleaning high ceiling fans.

  • Double sided to clean both top and bottom
  • Clicks-Locks to Ettore extension poles
  • No Need to Twist, Just Click
  • Ergonomic Handle

Captures Dust & Dirt With Single Swipe.

Click - Lock System makes it simple to attach and detach products from the extension pole. Ettore's unique Click-Lock system allows you to use Ettore's extension pole with many of our products.

Ceiling Duster Attaches To Ettore Extension Pole

Countour Shape to Fit Any Blade Size

Machine Washable Sleeve

Ettoreā€™s MicroSwipe Ceiling Fan Duster is designed with a contour shape to easily trap dust off any standard sized ceiling fan. 

The sleeve is removable and machine washable, so you can dust and clean whenever you want! 

The super soft microfiber bristles is what traps and locks the dust, dirt and cobwebs from ceiling fans with ease. 

This duster click-locks onto Ettore's REA-C-H extension poles for high reach cleaning.