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Dusters & Brushes

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We provide Duster and Brushes from reputed brands like Ettore, JRacenstein, etc. which efficiently removes dust from any surface. Flexible head and bristles work great on window blinds or any hard to reach area.

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Duster and Brushes

Starting with Ettoreā€™s high interior cleaning products, The Butterfly Kit from Ettore comes very handy to reach the corners of the high ceilings. The "butterfly" is a combination of 2 mop heads and a dual head adapter. Spray a foam cleaner on one side to clean the glass, then flip and use the other side to dry. Make sure to purchase additional replacement mop covers if you're cleaning multiple windows.

Then we have the Mop Head with microfiber pad from Ettore Which is Great for cleaning hard to reach glass, especially indoor behind fixtures. This Ettore microfiber mop system is great for cleaning indoor atriums. You can use an Ettore Extension Pole to Quickly and easily get the microfiber mop up in the air, on the wall or the Floor exactly where you need it.

We also sell Brush Ceiling Fan from Ettore which slides over fan blades to clean top and bottom at one time and the split tips attracts and lock in fine dust or dirt. The oval shapes makes it simple to clean various sizes of fan blades. Click- lock feature easily secures to extension pole for high reach cleaning