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Neutralize Powered Wood Brightener 8lb

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Cleans and brightens decks, fences and other weathered wood, helping restore the natural, like-new appearance. This product will removes UV damaged, g...

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Item #: 320-757  MPN : 6423-32


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Mix Ratio: Add 4 to 8oz per gallon of water for chemical sprayer application, applying straight to surface.

Downstream or X-Jet: add 1/2 lb. per gallon of water in the supply bucket for Downstream and X-Jet ratios of 10:1 10%, add 1 lb per gallon of water in the supply bucket for X-Jet ratio of 20:1 5%.

CAUTION: If any bleaches or hypochlorites are present on surfaces, they must be completely gone before using this product.