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ProTool All-in-one Solar and Water Fed Skid

Quick Overview

  • Revolutionize cleaning with the ProTool All-in-One Solar and Window Pure Water Skid—pure water tech for spotless windows and solar panels.
  • Elevate your cleaning game: The ProTool dual pump system delivers a seamless flow for solar and window brilliance
  • Clean Green! with the ProTool Pure Water Cleaning System; eco-friendly cleaning has never been so powerful—or easy!"
  • Unlock efficiency with ProTool dual reels, RO purification, and solar brush power for the ultimate clean

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Item #: 150-0460  UPC : 00669893058729  MPN : Skid-Solar-WFP-HiFlow



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RO-DI Skid for Solar Rotary Brush and Water Fed Pure Water Delivery

Introducing the ProTool All-in-One Solar Rotary Brush and Water Fed Pole System – the ultimate setup for the modern, eco-conscious cleaner. 

This comprehensive solution features a ProTool Solar Skid Dual RO system, complete with a robust 12v delivery pump to the water fed pole managed by a Spring Pump Controller, a RO Boost Pumps for creating gobs of water needed for solar panel cleaning  and a Dual Reel system that includes one reel for your water fed pole and another for the solar rotary brush. 

Harness the power of purified water from tap water. Tap water is filtered into an RO buffer tank and made ready to polish with the DI filter on demand for streak-free window and solar panel cleaning. 

The perfectly sized pressure washer powers the J. Racenstein rotary water-powered solar brush, ensuring exceptional flow and cleaning efficiency.

Designed for easy installation on your truck bed or trailer, this system delivers unparalleled pure water production, elevating your cleaning services to new heights of performance and sustainability.

All-in-One Solar Rotary Brush and Water Fed Pole System

Loaded in the back of an F150 truck bed

Tap Water connection for Water input 

System includes 100ft of 1/2in hose on a portable reel

Product Details:

  • Filtration Plate with:
    • Carbon Filter 4.5 x 20in 60,000 gallons
    • DI Filtration Housings and Cartridges 4.5 x 20in (2 Each)
    • Stainless RO Housing (2 each) 
    • High Flow RO Membrane (2 Each)
  • Reel Stand, System Skid with
    • Pump Mounting Plate and Power Distribution
    • RO Boost Pumps 12v (2 qty)
  • 80 Gallon RO Buffer Tank 
  • Battery Box
  • Input Reel SS Portable 100ft of 1/2in ID hybrid input hose
  • Solar Brush Delivery 
    • 2.5 Gallon Per Minute gas Pressure Washer
    • Demand Pump for Water Delivery Tank to PW
    • Breaker and Pump Switch
    • ProTool Reel 19in A-Frame
    • 150ft of 3/8 Pressure Hose
  • RO or DI Water Stainless Control Valve 
  • Valve to control flow to Solar Brush PW Pump or to Water Fed hose reel
  • Water Fed Delivery  
    • ProTool Reel 19in A-Frame
    • 250ft of 3/8 hybrid delivery hose
    • Spring Pump Controller 30amp
    • Breaker and Pump Switch
    • Water Fed Delivery Pump 

Pump Plate, Pumps and Controller

Left Pump controls water delivery to Pressure Washer

Right Pump is delivery to the Pressure Washing Reel

Water Fed and Solar Brush Hose on reels

250 feet of hybrid 3/8in water fed delivery hose

150 feet of solar brush pressure hose. 

80 Gallon Buffer Tank

Tape water pressure in plus the 2 RO Boost pumps 

Note: system shown here has the optional 110v Power Supply setup for Dual Power capability 

Pressure Washer for Rotary Solar Brush 

Rotary Solar Brushes sold separately 

Filtration is capable of creating enough RO Water to supply both the Water Fed Pole and the Solar Brush at the same time 

Total Skid Height is 65inches

Good for a trailer, may be somewhat high in the back of a 4x4 F150 ask us about other reel stacking options

80 Gallon Buffer Tank

Tape water pressure in plus the 2 RO Boost pumps 

Note: system shown here has the optional 110v Power Supply setup for Dual Power capability 

Picture depicts second reel with input hose