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ProTool Ball Valve 3/8in FPT 5000psi Plated Steel Pressure Washer

Quick Overview

  • Plated Steel Ball Valve for Pressure Washing rated to 5000 psi
  • Used to stop the flow of the water to allow switching of the tool at the end of the line without turning off the pressure washer
  • This valve is commonly used to switch between the Wand and a Surface Cleaner.
  • Plated Steel construction Shut Off Ball Valve with 3/8in inlet and outlet fittings, 5000psi rating

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Item #: 74-4962  UPC : 00669893042315  MPN : 9.113-462.0



 Available Early June
This is an obsolete Item

Ball Valve 3/8in FNPT 5000psi Pressure Washer Valve

Plated Steel Steel Valve

This  ball valve is made of stainless steel and features 3/8" NPTF inlets and outlets  for easy inline integration.

  • Plated steel ball valve built to handle high pressure
  • Straight through, full flow design
  • Durable, comfortable handle
SPECIFICATIONS AND FEATURES                                                                                
Part Number                                           DBV501238
Maximum Pressure                                  5000 PSI
Maximum Flow                                        12.0 GPM
Maximum Temperature                           180°F
Port Sizes:        Inlet                                3/8" NPT-F
 .                        Outlet                             3/8" NPT-F
Dimensions                                              3.5" L x 2.8" H x1.4" W
Weight                                                      17 oz.
Materials                                                  Plated steel,
.                                                                  Plastic, Teflon, NBR

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