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ProTool Electrostatic BackPack Sprayer 12v Battery Powered

Quick Overview

  • Utilizes electrostatic charging technology to enhance the effectiveness of spraying fluid
  • Provides 5 times greater efficiency compared to standard sprayers, ensuring optimal coverage and utilization of resources
  • Requires 50% less chemical usage than traditional sprayers, reducing waste and environmental impact
  • Charged droplets effectively wrap around targeted surfaces, maximizing coverage and adhesion
  • Ensures excellent coverage and adhesion of droplets, leading to more effective application and improved results

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Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer 12v Rechargeable 4 Gallon Tank

Electrostatic Spraying improved product adhesion to the surface, the media sprayed is broken down into very small charged particles that are attracted to the surface. This Electrostatic attraction allows for coverage of more surfaces surfaces than relying on a gravity based spread of the droplets. The positively charged droplets will wrap around surfaces and attach themselves on vertical surfaces as well as the underside surface.

Powered by pulsed electric motors this sprayer produces spiral vibrating air to carry the droplets onto the surface. The high pressure tips break the liquid down at the nozzle instantly with the fluid nebulizing into a mist with particle size from 5 to 50µm (micron). The sprayer sends this fine mist or fog rapidly spreading into the air offering a high penetration and and adhesion.

Note: Be Careful!, if you do not seal the lid tightly and dry off the backpack before you get started you will likely get shocked.

Electrostatic spraying offers the best efficiency and coverage when sanitizing, deodorizing spraying insecticide, disinfection or deodorizer. Generally you can use 50% to 65% less chemical to complete the same task,

This 12v Battery powered sprayer allows complete independence when spraying to allow movement around obstacles, furniture, equipment and cubicles.

Here the Sprayer is configured for wand spraying which produces larger 40µm droplets for faster application. Use a wand when you have a large areas to spray, dozens of picnic or lunch/breakroom  tables for instance. 

When configured with the Air Gun attached the Electrostatic sprayer is using the misting tip to generate the smallest droplets. As these droplets are very lightweight the Air Gun assists in projecting the 50 micron droplets out onto the surface.

The Air Gun with its internal fan should be turned on first then the Spraying Pump switch on the backpack itself. When complete turn off the backpack pump and then the Air Gun afterward.

The Air Gun is best used indoors where a controlled fine mist is best at covering surfaces without drenching the surface.


  • Voltage: 12V
  • Spraying Time per charge with Air Gun Fine Mist powered sprayer : 1.5 hours
  • Spraying Time per charge using Boom Nozzle : 4 to 6 hours 
  • Charger input/output voltage: 110v input - 13.8V output
  • Working Pressure: 72PSI
  • Droplet Size: 50 to 72µm (Microns)
  • Flow: up to 9oz per minute
  • Electrostatic Voltage: 15,000 to 30,000v
  • Spraying distance: 4 to 15 Feet
  • Tank Capacity: 4.2 Gallon
  • Weight: 15lbs Empty

Electrostatic spraying offers up to a 5 times labor savings with a product consumption savings of 50% over standard pump spraying.

4 Gallon large capacity sprayer with a long spraying distance that is suitable for company or enterprise rapid sanitizing or deodorizing.

Offering a strong air supply for fast diffusion and stable atomizing of the fluid.

Offers a reduced working noise over other models with materials engineered to extend service life. Designed to be tough, absorb an impact if dropped offer with wear-resistant materials.

The sprayer includes a filter basket to reduce the possibility of clogging. When spraying soluble powders be sure to use this filter basket to strain the solution when added to the the sprayer. 


Be certain the lid is Tight!

If liquid has spread to the exterior of the backpack when filling dry the exterior of the back pack off with a towel. When the unit is moist the electrostatic charge can dissipate through this exterior moisture and potentially discharge onto the operator. 

Air Gun Fine Mister Components

Air Gun  with  50 Micron Fine Mister Tip Installed 

The Fluid line and an additional power line for the fan connect the Air Gun to the Backpack, switch controls Air Gun Fan  

Wand Sprayer Tips

72 Micron each, Dual Nozzle Tip for Volume Spraying Typically used to quickly spray large areas

72 Micron Single Spray Tip Controls spraying at a larger volume than Misting 

Variable Cone Spray Tip offers direct operator control over spraying 

Wand Sprayer Trigger and Extension Wand

Trigger Controls the flow to through the wand to the spray tip

Wand Telescopes to add to the operators reach 22 to 42 inches and must be used to attach the selected spraying tip

Back Pack Components

Internal Configuration of the Back Pack

The Back Pack has a Battery Space, Delivery Pump and Static Charge generator along with an On/Off switch for the Spray Pump

Grounding Electrode

The Static Charge grounding electrode enhances the static charge that is conducted by air ionization and improves the electrostatic absorption effect.

Battery Installation

12v AGM Battery - 7ah to 8ah capacity included. Battery Brand may Vary...

Replacement is Item Code 150-063 -  The battery space in the backpack is very specific and any 12v battery that is 4in deep x 3in high x 6in wide will fit into the clip system.

Back Pack base has 7 Screws

Remove the 7 screws from the base and carefully remove the bottom cover.

TIP: Start at the On-Off Switch

Battery Clip System

The battery Clips into the holder after attaching the leads, the cover has built in clip supports to keep the battery in place. 

12v AGM Battery - 7ah capacity included.

The battery space in the backpack is very specific and any 12v battery that is 4in deep x 3in high x 6in wide will fit into the clip system.

Slip the battery Terminals toward top of the base into the clips

The Clips Must easily retract over the battery for the vase to snap in place

Battery Clip System

The battery Clips into the holder after attaching the leads, the cover has built in clip supports to keep the battery in place. 

Preparing the place the cover onto the base of the sprayer.

Re-attached Cover using the 7 Screws

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The list of chemicals contains a wide range of naturally occurring and synthetic chemicals that include additives or ingredients in pesticides, common household products, food, drugs, dyes, or solvents. Listed chemicals may also be used in manufacturing and construction, or they may be byproducts of chemical processes, such as motor vehicle exhaust.  For more information visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov/