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ProTool Felt Polishing Pad 3in

Quick Overview

  • Felt pads polish surfaces and remove glare patterns and slight scratches as well as light oxide layers, can be used for mirror polishing, glass, paint surfaces
  • Felt pads are generally used with Cerium Oxide to remove surface oxidation, tin etch haze, light scraches on glass and paint to polish the surfaces to a high shine

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Felt Polishing Pad 3in

Polishing pads by themselves do not polish glass or other surfaces. They are the base platform for the cerium oxide to adhere to. 

For best performance, prepare your pad before first use and again during use to adequately and efficiently polish your glass. 

We recommend making a thin slurry the consistency of mud using a small amount of cerium and spreading that over the surface of your polishing pad when you first receive it. you can allow the pad to dry overnight and then use your pad with water when you are ready to polish.

Mix 1 part of cerium with 2 part water in a small squirt bottle and squeeze small amounts of the slurry into the center of your polishing pad as you work the pad on the surface. 

Use just enough water to keep your pad moist as you work so you don’t burn the cerium onto your glass. 

Don’t use very much cerium on the pad as too much cerium will begin to act as a lubricant instead of a polish.

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