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ProTool Gloves Nitrile 4Mil 50 pair 100 count Medium Black

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  • 4mil Thickness
  • Latex Free
  • Non-Sterile
  • Single Use Only
  • Color-Black

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Gloves Nitrile 4Mil 50 pair 100 count Medium Black

These powder-free gloves allow you to maintain an unsoiled appearance in applications where dirt, grime, inks and other materials. Unmatched durability, strength and protection

A suitable option for auto mechanics, nitrile gloves are created with a synthetic polymer that does not contain latex. For this reason alone, nitrile gloves are a great option to consider for your auto shop because your mechanics will never have to worry about latex allergies. Nitrile gloves do an excellent job standing up to chemicals and solvents, especially when it comes to grease, oil, and gasoline. In the automotive industry, in particular, nitrile gloves have proven superior to latex gloves because they provide the following qualities:

Puncture Resistance - Since nitrile is composed of synthetic rubber, it’s automatically three to five times more durable and puncture-resistant than latex. This is very important in the automotive industry, as many mechanics work with sharp tools and objects that would otherwise tear a latex glove.

Why Nitrile Disposable Gloves?

Greater Chemical Resistance

Nitrile offers greater chemical resistance than all other glove production materials. Nitrile gloves are recommended for high-risk work environments where harsh chemicals are present. Nitrile gloves can protect your hands from harsh corrosive chemicals that cannot be withstood by latex and vinyl gloves.

Greater Tear and Puncture Resistance

Nitrile is the strongest material for producing gloves. Nitrile gloves offer great tear and puncture resistance. In fact, nitrile is 3-4 times more puncture-resistant than latex.

100% Latex Free

The main reason why nitrile gloves are more popular than latex gloves is because of allergic reactions.

Snug And Comfortable Fit

Nitrile gloves fit perfectly on your hands. The gloves conform to the shape of your hand and react to your body temperature to ensure a snug comfortable fit.

  • Medium
  • Black
  • 100pcs/box
  • 4mil Thickness
  • 100% Nitrile
  • Powder Free
  • Latex Free
  • Non-Sterile
  • Single Use Only

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