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Unger Neoprene Gloves

Quick Overview

  • Nitrile Rubber, Powderfree, Smooth Finish
  • Tear resistant stitching and glue seal along seams for durability
  • Soft and comfortable on inside
  • Non slip palm for secure grip
  • Adjustable hooks & loops wrist strap

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Item #: 56-62M

$50.25 - $57.05

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Neoprene exterior plus interior foam insulation keeps hands warm when wet. Gloves have a textured palm and Velcro strap for a non-slip grip. Latex free. 

The Unger Neoprene Gloves are made with a neoprene exterior and a foam insulation layer against your skin to keep you warm and dry.

Benefits include textured palms for a secure grip, velcro loop straps on wrists keep them securely on your hands while working, and they make for fantastic winter window cleaning Gloves.


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