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  • ProTool Hip Clip Holder
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ProTool Hip Clip Holder

Quick Overview

  • The Hip Clip is a faster method of holding and removing a towel than the traditional loop method
  • Holds towel with a secure spring clip
  • It can be added to any 2 in nylon belt, as well as many other waistbands
  • Ergonomically friendly and weather proof

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Item #: 49-05  UPC : 00669893031906
This is an obsolete Item

The Hip Clip is a plastic towel holding product that was designed by a professional window washer, in an effort to be more efficient. Hip Clips hold towels with a powerful spring force, but the design allows the clip to be easily opened with the palm of the hand, and the towel pushed into the mouth of the clip.

It can be added at any point on any 2 inch nylon belt, or you can use the pants-style slide on clip. For belts of a different size or thickness, you can use the supplied screws and permanently attach the Hip Clip at any point on the belt.

Hip Clips are resistant to the weather conditions, will not rust or become brittle due to sun exposure. They are designed to be ergonomic with the hand. http://www.hip-clip.com/

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