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ProTool Microfiber Towel

Quick Overview

  • All Purpose Cleaning Cloth
  • Quantity : Single Pack, Color : Blue/Brown/Green/Purple/Red/Yellow
  • Cleans without chemicals, Great for dusting cleaning all types of surfaces
  • Traps and removes dust and dirt when dry, excellent when use with Foaming Window Cleaner Spray
  • Highly absorbent and lint free, easy to use to leave glass spot free.

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Item #: 24-5M

$1.05 - $1.45

Color Selection

6 options available.
This is an obsolete Item
Let the power of the Microfiber do the work for you as it picks up dirts, oils, and more on glass.
These lint-free microfiber towels provide the best washing and drying properties.
Perfect for dry cleaning of entry door glass, computer screens, window frames, etc.
These are ll-purpose microfiber cleaning cloth can clean most any hard surface.
Pro Towel Microfiber Towels are fantastic for washing and drying.
Micrifiber towels utilize friction and static electricity to clean up dirt, oils and moisture without any additional cleaning chemicals.
These lint-free towels perfect for window cleaning, auto detailing, cleaning sill and frames or even computer screens.
Highly absorbent they offer along lasting cleaning of damp surfaces.
Completely lint free which leaves absolutely no residue or any leftover fabric.
Dry Cleaning: Easily removes removes any kind of dust or dirt with the microfiber material while being dry.
Wet Cleaning: An excellent companion to Foaming Spray Cleaner on Glass and Auto surfaces.
Use on French Panes with Foaming Spray Cleaner.

Easy To Use And Clean

Mirrors and Glass turn out sparkeling clean

Removes grease/grime/stubborn soils when damp

Machine Washable

Wash separately from other Towels

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