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  • RO Membrane High Flow 4040
  • RO Membrane High Flow 4040   Image 1


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RO Membrane High Flow 4040

Quick Overview

  • Max Flow Low Pressure RO Membrane offers Hi Flow and best in class production performance from 70psi to 150psi
  • Offers a Dissolved Solids Reject rate better than 99% at 150psi
  • 4in x 40in Industry Standard size for use with most all RO Housings available
  • Output is 3000 Gallons per day at 100 psi, 4800 Gallons per day at 125psi with 70 degree or warmer water
  • Proprietry Membrane Technology offer 50% more membrane filtration surface than competitive 4in x 40in membranes

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RO Membrane XLE 4040-50

Hi Flow Low Pressure 

RO Membrane Element - ProTool

RO or Reverse Osmosis, is a technology commonly used for water desalination, as well, RO removes dissolved solid and other impurities from water after advanced micro treatment. 

Suitable for desalting those water sources TDS lower than 1000 ppm, such as surface water, underground water, tap water and municipal water, etc

A Superior Quality RO Membrane that flows well, and pressure matters

> 1.0 Gallons at Tap Water 65 psi pressure, 70F water 

2.0 to 2.2Gallons per Minute at 90 psi pressure, 70F water

> 3.0 Gallons per Minute at 125psi pressure, 70F Water.

Max Flow Membrane offers High Flow rates. 

RO Membrane Specifications:

  • Permeate Production: 5500 Gallons per Day
  • Testing Pressure: 150psi, Temperature: 77F
  • Operating Pressure: 60psi to 150psi
  • Rejection Rate: Greater than 99%
  • Max Water Temperature: 113F 
  • PH Range Of Feedwater Allowed during Operation: 3~10ph

Water temperature effects flow rates, as water becomes colder it's density increases and RO Membrane water production is reduced.

Water Pressure is important to a Max, High Flow membrane, the membrane flows well at Tap Water pressure but really performs its best when more pressure is applied to the membrane.

Max Flow Low Pressure High Flow RO Membrane Element - ProTool