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Scraper Floor 48in Ettore

Quick Overview

  • Perfect for removing tape, gum and grit from floors
  • Reduces back and knee strain
  • 4-Inch angled head
  • Handle is 48-inch long

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Item #: 363-115  UPC : 032611020078  MPN : 2007



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Scraper Floor 48in Ettore

4 Foot Handle with 4in Scraper.

This heavy duty window scraper with 48" handle is perfect for removing paint, construction debris and other caked on deposits from glass

Ettore's world-famous scrapers are one of the most important tools in a window cleaner's arsenal. 

Use them for removing stickers, paint, tape, caulk, and industrial maintenance.

4" heavy duty floor scraper features a 48" long handle. 

Double-edged reversible blades; Blunt on one side and Sharp on the other. 

The Sharp and Blunt edges handle even the most caked-on deposits. 

Perfect for removing tape, gum and grit from glass. 

Reduces back and knee strain. 

Includes one blade and a red protective cover.

Heavy Duty Floor Scraper with 48" handle and reversible 4" Double Edge carbon steel blade. 

Dull edge of blade for removing cement and stucco. 

Razor edge for paint, tape and chewing gum. 

Comes with snap-on blade cover and rubber grip. 

Ideal for removing chewing gum, tape, and wax build-up from surfaces. 

Replacement blades available.

  • 4-inch angle head (available in 6-inch); angled head to reach corners
  • Double-edged blades, dull and razor sharp; includes protective blade guard
  • Perfect for removing tape, gum and grit from glass
  • 48-inch long handle with rubberized comfort hand