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Floor Scrapers

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Floor scrapers from Brands Ettore , Unger, etc are the perfect tools to keep floor surfaces clean and safe. The ergonomic design and hang hole are perfect to use in any facility.

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Scraper Blades

The Sraper Blades are made from carbon steel construction for lasting edge. The heavy duty design for made reliable performance, The are double edged and can be use with Unger heavy duty scraper.

We also provide heavy duty window scraper from Ettore in various handle size is perfect for removing paint, construction debris and other caked on deposits from glass. Ettore's world-famous scrapers are one of the most important tools in a window cleaner's arsenal. Use them for removing stickers, paint, tape, caulk, and industrial maintenance.

Then we have floor scraper from Unger in various size which removes gum and wax buildup along baseboards or floors with ease. Includes one reversible carbon steel blade.