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SilaCast BES Wet Look Sealer Deco

Quick Overview

  • Provides a wet look on pavers, concrete, outdoor fire pits and kitchens with two types of UV protection in a water based formulation
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: SilaCast BES transforms concrete surfaces with a captivating wet look, penetrating deep to accentuate their natural colors, elevating the visual appeal.
  • Easily reapply. Extremely LOW VOC Content (Water, Soybean, Natural Oils) Resistant to Mildew Growth or water blushing
  • Efficient Application with user-friendly instructions, from mixing to spraying. It absorbs into surfaces, leaving a clear, even finish without puddles
  • Maintenance free, ease of use for DIY and Pressure Washing Applicators, COVERAGE RATE: 175-200 sq.ft per gallon, 1 coat only

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SilaCast BES Wet Look Sealer Deco

SilaCast BES is a non-hazardous polymer emulsion designed to create a wet look on concrete surfaces. SilaCast BES penetrates deep into the substrate enhancing the natural colors of the material.

Non-Hazardous - Totally Water-Based

Elevate Aesthetics with a Wet Look:  SilaCast BES is your go-to solution for achieving a glossy, wet look on concrete surfaces. This non-hazardous polymer emulsion enhances the natural colors of materials, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Effective Surface Preparation: Before sealing, proper preparation is key. SilaCast BES ensures success by helping you identify failing sealers and confirming when surfaces are ready for treatment through a simple water test.

Versatile Application: SilaCast BES is ideal for a wide range of surfaces, including porous concrete pavers, stamped concrete, tiles, natural stones, and more. Its versatility and ability to enhance various materials make it a versatile choice.

Efficiency and User-Friendly: Mixing and application are hassle-free with SilaCast BES. Simply mix with a drill and paddle mixer, pour into your preferred sprayer, and start application. The product turns clear as it absorbs into the surface, ensuring an even finish.

Long-Lasting Beauty with UV Protection:  Unlike topical acrylic sealers, SilaCast BES penetrates deep, enhancing natural colors and offering two types of UV protection. Say goodbye to yellowing and peeling caused by UV rays. Plus, there's no need for harsh chemical stripping, making maintenance a breeze.

Preparation: With SilaCast BES, it is very important to prep to be sealed properly. Most surfaces you will be able to see a failing sealer by the way it breaks down and turns white. However, if you’re not sure you can do a water test. In a few different locations (shaded areas, couping around pool, covered areas etc.) pour a small amount of water on the surface. If the water sits on the top of the surface there is a sealer present. If the water soaks in and darkens the surface there is no sealer and you can proceed with standard cleaning. 

Undesired results will occur on sealed surfaces.

If there is no sealer already on the area, you can start prepping the job.

Use a pressure washer  and a cleaning agent to remove all dirt, oil and debris.  A surface cleaner is recommended for non sealed surfaces. Never seal a dirty surface and be sure the surface is completely dry. It is recommended to sand the joints of the pavers as well. 

Do not apply if rain is expected within 24 hours.

Pictured below are some commonly used sprayers and other equipment that may be use
Getting ready

Mixing with a drill and paddle mixer in the bucket is recommended. Be sure to mix entire contents for at least one minute ensuring that there is no separation in the materials. 

Pour SilaCast BES directly into the sprayer of your choice. We recommend filtering through a strainer or cloth filter in order to prevent clogging during application. 

Completely cover all areas that you do not intend to seal. 

Do not apply in temperatures below 50 degrees or above 95 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Be cautious on windy days. 

Do not apply to wet surfaces. 

It is recommended that SilaCast BES be applied in the morning before the surface heats up. If the surface temperature is too high, a light mist of water could be used to help reduce the temperature. 

Do not install when rain is expected within 24 hours.

Start in the corner and work your way out. 

SilaCast BES can be applied to porous concrete pavers, stamped concrete, unglazed tile, natural or artificial stone, concrete roof tiles or brick surfaces. 

Apply a heavy mist saturating the surface working the spray tip in a circular motion overlapping somewhat. The product will appear milky white when applied and will turn clear when it starts absorbing in to the surface. 

Avoid puddles and drips. If puddles or drips occur use a paint roller, soft cloth or broom to smooth out these areas. 

Continue with this technique until the job is complete. 

When finished locate any heavy spots and with a paint roller and extension pole gently back roll the area until leveled out. 

Allow a minimum of 24 hours before walking on and 72 hours before driving on. 

Do not place any rugs or carpeting back for at least 3 weeks. 

Due to weather conditions such as humidity, sun, rain and application conditions some jobs might require more dry time.