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Stripacast Paver Stripper Deco

Quick Overview

  • Remove sealers and coatings from concrete.
  • Use before Silacast BES, Deco 20 Clear Finish, or TravaCast.
  • Easily check to see if needed by soaking area with water. If water is absorbed by cement quickly it is more than likely not sealed.
  • Covers approx. 1,000 square feet.
  • Non-hazardous.

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Item #: 320-717



 Available Late March
This is an obsolete Item

Stripacast Paver Stripper

Stripacast is a non-hazardous liquid stripper used to remove old sealers from concrete surfaces. Use this product prior to using Silacast BES, DECO 20 CLEAR FINISH, or TravaCast.