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StonePro ProShine Granite Dark Polish Powder

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Item #: 81-14M

$19.75 - $50.00

This is an obsolete Item

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4 options available.

Surfaces: Granite and Engineered Stone

Coverage: 200-400 sq ft. per lb.

Result: Polished Shine



Increases the natural color and reflectivity of polished granite

Removes light scratches and damage



Requirements: StonePro Maintenance Crystallizer, steel wool pads or felt pads, backer pad and 600-700 RPM hand-held polishing machine or StonePro Floor Polishing Machine for larger areas.


1) Sprinkle powder onto surface  - use 1-2 oz. of powder to polish 15-20 sq. ft. 2) Spray 2-4 oz of StonePro Marble Polish Maintenance Crystallizer over powder 3) Using the polishing machine, slowly rotate outward in a circular motion. 4) Continue polishing until powder begins to dry 5) Re-wet powder by spraying more Maintenance Crystallizer on the surface 6) Repeat until desired polish is achieved 7) Wipe off access residue


Please note: Steel wool pads are used to generate the heat necessary to create a polish.  Over-used or saturated pads will no longer create the desired results.  Flip pad often to extend use. One steel wool pad will usually cover 150 -200 sq. ft. Used steel wool will rust which will result in damage to the surface – do not reuse steel wool pads.