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  • Tucker Brushes with LOCT System
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Tucker Manufacturing

Tucker Brushes with LOCT System

Quick Overview

  • Tucker Brushes are American Maed and are available in Nynol, Hybrid on Boars Hair natural fiber bristle material
  • They contain 4 Pencil Jets with the plumbing to connect to water fed pole hose
  • The LOCT gooseneck attachment system from Tucker® provides the perfect brush position every time
  • This Tucker® gooseneck is designed to fit onto the tip of your Tucker® water fed pole and help you reach over deep window ledges and other tough to clean areas
  • The brush includes the LOCT Gooseneck adaptor to attach to the Radial Adjustment knuckle on your existing gooseneck

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Item #: 66-49M

$118.70 - $260.80

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6 options available.
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Tucker Brushes with LOCT System

Tucker Brushes offer quality American Made craftmanship in water fed pole cleaning

Designed with the professional in mind Tucker offer a variety of brushes to meet the ever changing demands of water fed cleaning

The brushes are available 3 different Bristle styles and 12in and 18in widths to best accommodate the windows you are tackling in the field 

Here is what you need to know:

Dual Trim Nylon Bristle

Nylon bristles are exceptional for cleaning glass, as their composition allows them to glide effortlessly across surfaces when in contact.

What sets this brush apart is its innovative dual trim design: the longer outer edges enable smooth gliding of the brush against the glass, while the inner monofilament bristles remain upright, providing friction to scrub away stubborn dirt and grime effectively. This combination offers the best of both worlds in a single tool, enhancing the cleaning process and overall efficiency.

Crafted to be lightweight and versatile, it stands as an ideal Water Fed brush for general-purpose cleaning. The Dual Trim Nylon Brush presents an excellent choice for both novice and professional window cleaners.

Rinsing the glass with the brush resting lightly on the glass can make cleaning glass above 25ft easier to accomplish

Hybrid Bristle

These brushes combine the best of natural boar bristle and nylon monofilament bristles. These dual trim brushes have longer outer nylon bristles that combine with a shorter inner boars hair bristles.  This allows the commercial window cleaning operator to splay the outer bristles horizontally along the surface of the glass, while using the bristles to produce superior scrubbing in all directions. 

Rinsing the glass can be done with the hybrid brush lightly gliding on the surface, allowing the operator to work at greater heights with less fatigue.

Boars Hair Bristle

Designed for experienced window washers the brush is made from natural boar bristles for a superior clean.  

Nylon is bristles do not lay as flat and generally are cleaning with the nylon tip on the glass.

Natural boar hair fibers lay over on the glass offering more scrubbing power and the brush scrubs well regardless of the orientation, seasoned professionals are able to clean into corners and crevices by splaying the fibers of the brush out.

With natural fiber brushes it is recommended to rinse the glass with the brush off the surface.

Pencil Jets

These brushes come with 4 pencil jets but are easily configured to just use 2 when the job needs this

2 Pencil Jets

Brushes plumbed with 2 pencil jets offer the ideal water flow for conserving water and a low water runoff below the glass while offering good rinsing.

4 Pencil Jets

Brushes with 4 separately plumbed pencil jets create 4 individual streams of water this doubles water flow and reducing rinsing time, 4 jets will power away the grime.  

LOCT System

This first of its kind design offers 3 locking positions and a unique user experience when compared to threaded sockets or square locking sockets.

This design uses a quick release stem that attaches to the #1 clamp of your Tucker® pole for easy adjustment and features the Tucker® LOCT system for further control of the angle of your brush.

Brush Block Color

The plastic brush block could arrive in Red or Black depending on availability from Tucker