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Unger Handle ErgoTec Ninja

Quick Overview

  • Ergonomic two-component handle, perfect for use with pole
  • Swivel and TriLoc safety function for secure channel hold
  • Center position can be locked by press of a button
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Rubber lined channel wipes away dirt, water, and cleaning solutions

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Item #: 01-23M



Channel Angle Selection

Channel Angle:
2 options available.
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ErgoTec Ninja Handle

Balanced to be a perfect fit in your hand. 

Handle offers anti-slip rubber for improved comfort and excellent control with a textured thumb area for greater control.

  • Swivel handle with 180° swivel
  • "TriLoc" hold offers a great grip on the channel
  • Fits Unger Locking Cone to stay secure on the pole
  • Choose between 40° and 30° angle versions

The Ninja has an ergonomic swivel handle that offers great balance and comfort which means less strain on hand and wrist.

Two Degrees to choose from 30 or 40

Ninja Handle

30 degree head Angle

Unger Ninja Handle

40 degree head Angle

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$18.50 - $20.35

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