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Unger OmniClean Dual Bucket Kit- with Offset Excella Pole

Quick Overview

  • Dual-bucket technology separates clean and dirty solutions, ensuring a consistently clean mopping experience.
  • The innovative scrub board efficiently removes debris from the mop pad, preserving material cleanliness.
  • StayClean charge bucket maintains fresh, untarnished cleaning solution for superior floor care.
  • Unique wringer agitates residual dirt, keeping mop pads clean and functional for further use.
  • Elevate your floor cleaning with Unger OmniClean, setting new standards in efficient, sanitary floor care practices.

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Unger OmniClean Dual Bucket Kit- Offset

Experience the next level of floor care innovation with the Unger OmniClean Dual Bucket Kit-Offset. This professional floor cleaning system introduces a cutting-edge dual-bucket technology designed to elevate your floor cleaning experience. The distinctive design keeps the clean and dirty solutions separate, ensuring that the StayClean charge bucket remains pristine, resulting in a consistently clean mopping experience. Its advanced scrub board efficiently eliminates debris from the mop pad, channeling it into the dirty solution bucket, while the unique wringer agitates any residual dirt, leaving your mop pad clean and ready for further use. The Unger OmniClean ensures that you're always mopping with fresh and clean solution, setting a new standard in floor care practices.

The professional dual bucket kit includes 

  • (1) Excella Offset Pole (1) Mop Pad Holder 
  • (2) Microfiber Pads (1) SmartColor rectangular labels 

  • (1) Carriage with Wringer 
  • (2) Gray Bucket 
  • (1) Gray Bucket Handle 
  • (1) Gray Bucket Scrub Board 
  • (1) Blue Charge Guide 
  • (1) Blue Bucket Handle 
  • (1) Offset Carriage Handle 
  • (4) Casters

Truly Clean Your Floors. Setting a new standard in floor cleaning, Unger OmniClean is the newest, groundbreaking innovation in floor care.

Revolutionizing traditional floor cleaning, the Unger OmniClean Dual Bucket Kit-Offset introduces an innovative system that's set to redefine floor care standards. This professional-grade cleaning apparatus incorporates advanced dual-bucket technology, allowing for the segregation of clean and dirty solutions. The StayClean charge bucket is engineered to remain untarnished, ensuring you consistently mop with fresh, clean solution. Featuring an innovative scrub board, this system efficiently removes debris from the mop pad, depositing it into the dirty solution bucket, preserving the cleanliness of your mopping materials. With a specialized wringer to agitate residual dirt from the mop pad, this system maintains the mop's cleanliness and functionality. Experience superior floor care with the Unger OmniClean, guaranteeing an enhanced, efficient, and sanitary mopping process every time.