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Visa Versa Pro Complete

Quick Overview

  • High Water Retention: Advanced microfiber Pro Pad retains more water, reducing trips to the bucket and increasing cleaning efficiency
  • Removable Squeegee: Easily removable for quick touchups, adding flexibility and convenience to your cleaning routine.
  • Machine Washable: Durable microfiber Pro Pad is machine washable and reusable, ensuring long-term use and easy maintenance
  • Comfortable Grip: Non-slip XL handle grip with a quick release thumb plate and clamp for secure, comfortable handling and fast pad changes

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Visa Versa Pro Complete

Product Description: Elevate your window cleaning experience with the Unger Visa Versa Pro Complete, a versatile tool designed for professional-grade results. Building on the success of the original Visa Versa® 2-in-1 combination tool, this upgraded version enhances every feature to better support your cleaning tasks.

Key Features:

  • High Water Retention Pro Pad: Engineered with advanced microfiber technology, the Pro Pad retains more water, reducing trips to the bucket and increasing efficiency.
  • Removable Squeegee: Offers quick and easy touch-ups, providing flexibility and convenience during cleaning sessions.
  • Machine Washable Microfiber Pro Pad: The Pro Pad is machine washable and reusable, ensuring long-lasting use and easy maintenance.
  • Rubber Replacements Available: Extend the life of your tool with replaceable rubber blades, keeping your squeegee performing at its best.
  • Quick Release Thumb Plate and Clamp: Allows for fast and effortless pad changes, enhancing your workflow and saving time.
  • Non-Slip, Comfortable XL Handle Grip: Designed for comfort and control, the XL handle grip ensures a secure hold, even in wet conditions.
  • Available in Three Sizes: Choose from 10?, 14?, and 18? sizes to match your specific cleaning needs.

Why Choose the Unger Visa Versa Pro Complete? The Unger Visa Versa Pro Complete combines the best features of the original VisaVersa® with innovative upgrades, making it the ultimate tool for achieving professional cleaning results. Its high water retention Pro Pad, removable squeegee, and ergonomic design ensure you work smarter, not harder.

Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Unger Visa Versa Pro Complete and experience the difference in efficiency and performance. Perfect for both professional cleaners and dedicated homeowners, this tool is your go-to solution for spotless windows every time.

Window Cleaners love Unger Squeegees for cleaning glass and mirrors the Unger Squeegee is the professionals choice for window cleaning.