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Complete Squeegees

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Complete squeegees from various brands for your convenience in selecting the right tool as required. Ettore, Unger, Moerman, Pulex, Sorbo, etc. 

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Complete Squeegees

You will find a wide range of complete squeegee window cleaning tool here at our online store, including the most well respected brands brands you can be rest assured about the performance and quality. 

"Ettore BackFlip Combination Squeege and Washer" is a four-In-One Tool: Combo, One Pass, Washer, Squeegee. It allows you to wash and squeegee windows in half the time, also it can be used as two separate tools and fits on nearly all extension poles or use by hand.

"Moerman Combinator Complete" can be used in three different cleaning modes. It can be used for 1-pass, traditional wash-flip, or for squeegee only. Also provide quick transition between modes and is able to use squeegee handle by itself using the rubber insert.

The "Pulex TechnoDuo Stainless Steel" has a MicroTiger washer and the Pulex squeegee save time and cuts your professional cleaning costs. ITs very easy to wash and wipe with just one tool. Makes your task simple. The Technoduo has a MicroTiger Sleeve on one side and a stainless steel channel on the other.

"Unger VisaVersa Complete" Comes pre-assembled. Channel and blade are easy to change with quick-release spring. Its Complete with “S” Channel, Original StripWasher sleeve and ErgoTec® Soft Rubber and has time saving performance without changing tool.