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Wagtail High Flyer Pivoting Squeegee

Quick Overview

  • Ensures that the mop stays flat on the glass, facilitating efficient and thorough cleaning.
  • Equipped with a flat edge, allowing for precise detailing and achieving a spotless finish.
  • Features a superior quality microfiber cleaning pad to effectively remove spots and stains from the surface.
  • Constructed with an anodized aluminum squeegee for durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Can be used with the Angle Arm tool or a Small Pole, providing versatility in your window cleaning methods.

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Wagtail High Flyer Combination Squeegee Complete

Window Cleaners love Wagtail Squeegees for cleaning glass and mirrors the Wagtail Squeegee is the professionals choice for window cleaning.

Introducing the Wagtail High Flyer Pivoting Squeegee, the ultimate combination tool meticulously developed for rope access window cleaners. This innovative solution eliminates the need for separate tools, putting an end to the constant switching back and forth during your cleaning tasks.

The High Flyer offers effortless interchangeability between scrubber and squeegee, streamlining your window cleaning process for optimal efficiency. Its unique double pivot design facilitates maintaining constant pressure on the glass while scrubbing, whether done by hand or using a pole. This ensures a thorough and effective cleaning experience.

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the High Flyer reduces strain during cleaning tasks, allowing you to easily clean large windows from top to bottom. The inclusion of a superior quality microfiber cleaning pad guarantees the removal of all spots and stains from the surface.

Once the scrubbing process is complete, simply lock the mop down to engage the squeegee with a flat edge. This feature enables precision detailing, ensuring a spotless finish on your windows. The High Flyer is the epitome of versatility, adapting to your preferred cleaning method, whether manual or with an extension pole.

Experience the future of window cleaning with the Wagtail High Flyer Pivoting Squeegee. Redefine your cleaning routine, reduce strain, and achieve impeccable results with this advanced combination tool designed for the modern window cleaner.

Combine this with the Angle Arm on a pole to achieve the perfect angle to the widow & clean various areas with ease and precision.

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