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Wagtail Squeegee Precision Glide

Quick Overview

  • Wing tips for precision detailing of edges
  • Adjustable locking pin for pivot control
  • Micro fibre glide pad
  • Nylon movements
  • Wash and wipe in a single swipe

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Item #: 02-71M

$36.00 - $37.70

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Wagtail  Precision Glide Squeegee

The Precision Glide from Wagtail. This tool allows for a Wash and Wipe Cleaning in a single swipe. 

The small microfiber strip under the squeegee blade ensures the glass is always lubricated. Used for maintenance cleans, any dirtier windows should be mopped first as the pad on this squeegee is strictly for lubrication.

Clips are added to the ends of the channel to keep the rubber to press the ends on the glass similar to a dog eared channel in concept. This clipped end reduces the excess water left on the edges of the glass, saving detailing time and conserving towels. Precision detailing end clips can reduces your detailing time.

Window Cleaners love Wagtail Squeegees for cleaning glass and mirrors the Wagtail Squeegee is the professionals choice for window cleaning.

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