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X-100 Natural Seal Wood Protective Coating 5 Gallon Cedar Gold Tone

Quick Overview

  • X-100 Natural Seal® Wood Protective Coating formula is an oil based protective coating consisting of essential wood protecting ingredients.
  • X-100 Natural Seal® Wood Protective Coating is designed to penetrate the wood, protecting against cracking, splitting, cupping, curling, sap stain, mold and mildew,
  • Excelent protection against the environmental forces of wind, rain, Sun

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 Available Early August
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X-100 Nat Seal Wood Protective Coating, Cedar Gold Tone

X-100 Natural Seal® Wood Protective Coating is an exceptional oil-based formula designed with essential wood-protecting components. Its primary function is to deeply penetrate the wood, providing safeguarding against a wide range of issues such as cracking, splitting, cupping, curling, sap staining, mold, and mildew. Furthermore, it acts as a shield against environmental forces like wind, rain, snow, ice, and sunlight, extending the life and appearance of wooden surfaces.

This versatile wood protective coating is suitable for use on various wood types, including cedar, redwood, pine, plywood, T1-11, cypress, fir, dimensional lumber, siding, decking, logs, and roofs. It offers options in both transparent and semi-transparent stains, allowing the natural wood grain to shine through, offering a beautiful and natural wood finish.

To achieve optimal results, it's crucial to prepare the wood surface properly, ensuring it is clean and dry. The coating can be used on new or seasoned wood, providing protection against the elements. It is important to follow recommended application guidelines to ensure the wood absorbs the appropriate amount of coating. Once applied, this wood protective coating requires minimal drying time and offers lasting protection, contributing to the wood's longevity. It is an excellent choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals in the field of wood restoration and preservation.

Additionally, this product is compliant with ABRP, Inc.'s environmental standards, as it contains no harmful chemicals and is safe for both users and the environment. With easy availability through distributors and dealers in the United States and Canada, this wood protective coating is a trusted choice for enhancing and preserving the beauty of wooden surfaces.

Note: The technical data provides detailed information about coverage, proper surface preparation, directions for use, and more, ensuring that users can achieve the best results when applying X-100 Natural Seal® Wood Protective Coating to their projects.

X-100 Natural Seal Product Use Guide

The X-100 Natural Seal® family of products locks in years of defense against environmental damage and decay, maintaining the natural beauty of wood surfaces. Each blend of X-100 Natural Seal® combines high-performance wood protectants with a targeted application base. The distinguishing formulas of X-100 Natural Seal® make it the most effective wood coating available for decks, roofs, siding, fences, and more. View our guide below to see which X-100 Natural Seal® product best suits your application needs.




Cabin Brown 1-gal.


Cabin Brown 5-gal.


Cedar Tone Brown 1-gal.


Cedar Tone Brown 5-gal.


Cedar Tone Gold 1-gal.


Cedar Tone Gold 5-gal.


Clear 1-gal.


Clear 5-gal.


Dark Taupe 1-gal.


Dark Taupe 5-gal.


Golden Honey 1-gal.


Golden Honey 5-gal.


Redwood 1-gal.


Redwood 5-gal.


Warm Redwood 1-gal.


Warm Redwood 5-gal.