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X-Jet M5 Variable Spray

Quick Overview

  • X-Jet M5 Variable for your Pressure Washer - Pick a Size
  • Softwash from your Pressure Washer
  • Variable Spray Pattern M5
  • Includes: Tips, Draw Tube, On-off Valve
  • Projects the mix 30 to 40ft up

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Item #: 74-53M


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X-Jet M5, Adjustable Chemical Sprayer 

Keep chemicals out of your power washer, and control spray angle with just a twist.
The M5 nozzle is an easy to use item that attaches to both your pressure washer wand.
Included is its own special X-Jet suction hose
As pressurized water exits your spray lance, through the X-Jet nozzle, the suction hose draws and proportions the appropriate amount of chemical from a separate tank.
The mixing happens in the nozzle!

Simply twist the X-Jet M5 to change spray patterns from 5° to 60°, without the need for multiple tips.


  • Adjustable Nozzle
  • 15 Proportioners
  • Shut-off Valve
  • Strainer 12ft of Draw Hose
Proportioner Tip Chart

Proportioner Spraying Volume Chart

This chart illustrates the amount of Cleaning Chemical derived from a 5 gallon Pail of 12.5% SH os Store Bought 6% SH (Bleach) when using different Proportioner tips and the suggested amount of Surfactant to add to the pail.

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