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ProTool DIY RO DI Wall Mount Kit with 4 pumps Parts List Item # : 890-0532

Spare parts for ProTool DIY RO DI Wall Mount Kit with 4 pumps Parts List

BUILD Wall Mount FP kit 4 pumps

Part NameSKUMfr Part #Price
ProTool Wall Mount Frame Plate For 4 Stainless Steel Housings150-801$130.75Place Order
ProTool Inlet/Outlet Bracket for RODI150-810ProTool Inlet Outlet Bracket$15.15Place Order
ProTool Flat Pack All SS FIlters and Housing Kit150-221$535.05Place Order
ProTool DI Filter insert 40in includes DI Resin150-010ProTool 20013-D$256.55Place Order
ProTool Pump 90psi 5.0gpm Pump Bypass Mode150-0856ProTool 5503-2HM1-M638PT$183.85Place Order
Controller, Pump 35 amp for 5 to 10gpm 12v Pumps V16HC150-5454Spring V16 HC $263.40Place Order
ProTool Hose Barb Angled 1/2in PushFit to 3/4in Slide Port150-723ProTool QJE-554 $4.35Place Order
ProTool RO Fitting Kit150-201$14.95Place Order
ProTool DI/Carbon Fitting Kit for 40in Housing150-204$13.00Place Order
ProTool RO Waste Fitting Kit Dual RO150-203$66.60Place Order
Hose Kit Flat Pack Wall Mount150-212$52.85Place Order
Tee 1/2in Push Fit Metal150-413ProTool MPE12$1.65Place Order
Elbow SS Union 1/2in150-3200ProTool MPV12$1.55Place Order
ProTool Water Level Hudson Valve 1/2in NPT 15gpm150-1351ProTool H4095012V$61.25Place Order
ProTool Nipple 1/2 MPT to 1/2 MPT Banjo74-8185ProTool NIP050SH$2.70Place Order
ProTool Bulkhead Fitting 1/2in FNPT74-8138ProTool TF050$18.95Place Order
ProTool Screw Kit for Wall Mount SS housings150-791$16.25Place Order
TDS Meter Handheld AP-1150-0201J.Racenstein AP-1$25.65Place Order