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Spring Water Pump Controllers for Plastic Material

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We provide Controller water pumps for the purpose of water fed cleaning. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while purifying and prove to be handy.

All Spring Water Pump Controllers for Plastic Material Products

In-Line 12v Pump Pressure Switch for 1/2in Hose (not assembled kit improves your switch capacity, longevity. Chose your set points for pressure and extend the life of your pump. Reduce the need for an accumulator and Brass Housing, 1/4in male pipe thread connection.

Controller Pump 10 Amp with Short Range Remote Control, controls 12v Pumps up to 2 Gallons per Minute. Offers precision control over pump speed and water flow. Remote Control Fob offers 2 Pump Speeds along with On/Off and Improved Pump and Battery Life. It turns off pump at low battery voltage to protect battery life.

Pump Controller V16 HC WFP Link Long Range Remote Control 35amp 12v controller is Large Pump Capable - 3 to 7 Gallon Per Minute and to 35 amps 12v. Long Range Remote Control with Smart Phone integration for High Current load applications. Controls your water flow accurately, dependably and extends Battery and Pump Life. Set the flow you want on the controller, and Remote control.