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WagTail for Clipped Feature

Wagtail leads the way in easy to use and efficient tools for window cleaning. The pivot offers an easy learning curve for new cleaners while providing the pro the best tools for pole work.


Use Wagtail and to clean your home much quicker. High-quality squeegee blades, and precisely thought-out angles for better scrubbing and squeegeeing pressure.

By using gear designed for professional window cleaners, you can say goodbye to heavy, awkward tools that can cause RSI and make work challenging and time-consuming. Moreover, let the Wagtail Pivot handle the heavy lifting.

Award-winning cleaning tools for windows, floors, mirrors, table tops, solar panels, walls, shower screens, glass pool fences, and more, you can intensify your cleaning routines and reach maximum performance.

Wagtails "Squeegee Precision Glide" is a product you will love as its Wing tips are designed for precision detailing of edges with adjustable locking pin for pivot control.

Another lightweight product from Wagtails product line is the "Aluminum Slimline" made from anodized aluminum with remarkable speed and productivity.