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T Bars

We provide quality and durableT-Bars in various sizes and price range from which you can pick the perfect tool for your purpose. This easy to wash and wipe with just one tool which makes your task simple and saves time.


The ergonomic handles on these T bars are made for quicker, more effective cleaning, and the water wells maximize water retention. You can take on any cleaning task with options like built-in scrubbing bristles or extra-long fibers. These expert t bar cleaning supplies can keep flat surfaces spotless.

The "Pro T-Bar" from Protools has and ergonomic handle which is very rigid and slips inside the mops with ridges alongside the edges capable of holding extra water for deep cleaning.

6inch Swivel T-Bar from Maykker is made from a durable plastic handle and an aluminum t-section. You can use it to get the perfect angle for soaping up windows

JRacenstein gives a variety of buying alternative with brands like Protools, Ettore, Moerman, Pulex, Sorbo, Unger and many more which will cover any specific requirement.